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GDPR Definitions

Definition of rôle holder status

Under the terms of the GDPR consent must be freely given. In the case of role holders such as churchwardens, members of the clergy and volunteers it is essential for the performance of their rôles that contact and other details be held and used by or on behalf of the PCC. Thus it is not the case that for these individuals consent can be truly “freely given”, since the right to withdraw consent would result in removal of that individual from their rôle.

Rôle holders with other status

In the event that a given individual's data was being held separately for purposes not connected with a rôle, their consent for that instance of the data being stored and processed would require their consent, unless it fell in a legal or contractual category. The PCC will ensure that all such consents are sought.

Data for different purposes held separately

The PCC uses data for a number of distinct purposes within the categories set out in the Data Privacy Notice, and it is the intention of the PCC that the data for each purpose shall be held specifically for that purpose and not cross-referred for other purposes.